John Gruber’s video of the iPhone 13 line at Philly’s Walnut St. Apple Store

From Gruber’s “iPhone day is still a thing” posted Friday on Daring Fireball:

I shot this video while walking past the Philly Apple Store at 2 pm. The line went most of the way down the block. I’ll bet the line was longer than it would have been without COVID restrictions, but still — this is the 15th generation of iPhones and people are still lining up to buy them on the day they’re available. And how many more people had them delivered today, waking up early a week ago to preorder the moment the online store came online? People love iPhone. If you look at it solely as a technology product you’re missing the biggest part of the iPhone story. iPhone Day is a de facto annual holiday for untold millions of people around the world.

That’s not true of any other product in the world.

My take: One thing I miss about living in New York City was the fun of counting heads and shooting videos of the queues that wrapped around the blocks outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store. The lines shrank after Angela Ahrendts instituted the current pre-order system, but they haven’t disappeared.


  1. Darren DMW said:
    Apparently sales in China in August decreased. SELL!

    September 25, 2021
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      Big OT:

      Ted Lasso has grown up. It’s no longer a pure comedy. It has matured, and I like it.

      September 25, 2021
      • Robert Stack said:
        “Ted Lasso has grown up. It’s no longer a pure comedy. It has matured, and I like it.”

        I watched the new (Friday eve) episode last night and agree with you Gregg. Now that the characters have all been “introduced”, its time to delve deeper into their psyches – to see that they are all humans that still struggle with their own demons. Last week they took a deeper look into “Coach”; this week we saw some of Ted’s and Rebecca’s demons.

        An interesting observation: Did you notice that the opening scene prominently featured a new iPhone 13 Pro sitting on the table? Of course Friday was also the first day the new iPhone was available, and it’s certainly not a coincidence that Apple chose to reveal the new phone on the Ted Lasso show the very first day it was available. Consider also that this show was likely filmed months ago, and it demonstrates the very thoughtful product placement strategy used by Apple.

        September 26, 2021
  2. Jerry Doyle said:
    Steve accomplished his goal of using an Apple product could be as sublime as walking in one of the Zen gardens of Kyoto that he loved. Something says to me that Apple is going to have some forthcoming blow-out quarters.This is a $200 stock this period next year.

    September 25, 2021
  3. Apple does a better job of rolling out a product in great demand than other firms. Game console rollouts come to mind as terrible. Amazon retailers and middlemen buy up the early stock and resell at jacked up prices. Parents pound away at websites or go store to store for the latest Playstation. Concert ticket sales get botched in a similar greedfest before the actual musical festival.
    Apple gives you a reservation or a shipment date or you could actually go to Apple stores early in AM, after the initial days and get the model you want, without a reservation. Telco stores seemed to get equal stock to Apple corp stores, though there can be local demand peaks, especially near universities & big tech offices. When I worked Fulfillment at Ma Bell large corporate HQ accounts could all have the just-released iPhone overnight. Predictably though, giant purchases of last year’s model begin now for the masses of sales and field service techs. Add WFH employees now. Cost savings being paramount. Top sales reps & CEOs & VPs always had to have the latest & greatest model.

    September 25, 2021
  4. Jerry Doyle said:
    There was a period about two years ago, where UPS had a system for the consumer to track where the UPS truck driver was on his delivery route. That system was fantastic. It always allowed me to be standing outside when the driver came and to take delivery. This actually sped things up for the driver as he didn’t even need to leave his truck. UPS drivers are indeed rushed for time. That system was superb, but UPS strangely collapsed that consumer tracking system no sooner than it went active. I often wondered why UPS did away with such a customer friendly and excellent operational system good for security and efficiency in delivery of packages until one day at the gym. A gym mate lamented that he too, loved the system so much that it facilitated (and expedited his day) his going directly to the UPS delivery truck and requesting his package. I then understood why UPS dismantled the consumer tracking system.

    September 25, 2021
  5. Timothy Smith said:
    We had a half hour line in Cincinnati. It was the same length when i left, so it was well planned. I bought an iPad mini on impulse. I love this thing. It’s the perfect bar/restaurant device. Regular iPads are too big. The phone is too small and doesn’t have a stand. Since i always have my phone, i am kind of regretting that i paid for cellular.
    I just checked. All WiFi only models sold out in my area, but cellular available for pickup.

    September 27, 2021

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