Triskaidekaphobia alert: Apple ‘iPhone 13’ leak


  1. George Row said:
    Here in Ireland, we have a long history of superstitions. In the 1980s the government of the Republic of Ireland adopted a system for car registration plates that was of the form:
    YY CC nnnnn
    – YY was 2 digits for year of registration
    – CC was 1 or 2 letters for place registered
    – nnnnn was a serial number for that place
    A car registered in 1987 in Dublin would have a number plate such as:
    87 D 12345
    This system served us well for three decades.

    Abruptly in 2012 a decision was made that years were not a sufficiently precise measure of a car’s age. This was presented with some old blather from a government minister that:
    – Having the transition between year marks, once a year in mid winter somehow constrained car sales.
    – Introducing a second transition in summer, we were assured, would boost car sales.
    – Moreover it would be good for the environment because old more polluting vehicles would be replaced faster.

    Hence from January 2013 Irish car number plates took the form:
    YYh CC nnnnn
    Where the “h” represented the half of the year, with 1 for January-to-June and 2 for July-to-December.
    So cars registered since then have had numbers like:
    131 DL 1234
    – a car registered in first half of 2013 in County Donegal.
    212 G 1234
    – a car registered recently in the City of Galway.

    No mention was made of Triskaidekaphobia. It remained the superstitious, unacknowledged elephant in the room. No doubt it had its tusks crossed for good luck as it watched over the minister’s shoulder at the press conference where the change was announced.

    I would hope that Apple was more rational and less vulnerable to superstition. Having said that I am aware that naming is within the purview, not of Apple’s engineers, but of the crack squad of marketing professionals who prowl the remote parts of the state of California looking for place names that can be used to tag versions of MacOS.

    So who knows. It is clear that they have favourite hills and surfing beaches. Maybe they also have favoured and not so favoured numbers.

    August 26, 2021
  2. Bart Yee said:
    It’s a number next in sequence. Yeah, they skipped iPhone 9. I’m not bothered by an iPhone 13, but if they decide not to use it for whatever reason, that’s ok too. They could use iPhone XIII, jump to 14 to match A14 processor.

    August 26, 2021
  3. Gregg Thurman said:
    Doesn’t bother me. I’m buying the next generation no matter what they call it.

    August 26, 2021

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