This week's Apple trading strategies (3/8-3/12)

A place for Apple traders and investors to share their best ideas.

To get things rolling, here's Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi on CNBC Friday telling investors Apple had a great COVID run, but sees no reason to own it now.

Below: Apple vs. the S&P 500 (normalized)…

apple trading strategies 3-8

Disclosure: Although I am now an Apple shareholder (see Why I bought a share of Apple, my first), I am in no position to give trading advice. Don’t blame me if you drain your retirement account doing something you read about here.

See also last week’s trading strategies.


  1. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    Good time to think about buying more for long-term if the current discounted AAPL price goes lower.
    Or if thinking about gifting shares – the recipient can get more shares if one is thinking of giving a set $ amount.

    March 7, 2021
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Interest rate risk is real.

    But it’s no big deal.

    At $120, AAPL’s a steal.

    March 7, 2021
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      Interest rate risk is real.
      But it’s no big deal.

      With inflation currently about 1%, and the Fed’s goal is 2% (as it has been for decades) where is the risk?

      Certainly it isn’t the government flooding the economy with liquidity. We saw/learned from the bank meltdown of 2008 that in extraordinary situations massive injections of liquidity does not result in runaway inflation.

      I believe we have two of the best possible people (Powell and Yellin) watching over the US economy, and they have repeatedly stated in no uncertain terms they aren’t concerned and will maintain current easy money policy for at least two more years.

      Our economy has taken a severe blow and it will take time (2+ years?) to fully recover, which means there is room to grow before inflationary pressures rear their ugly heads.

      As the economy opens up, bond yields will stabilize, turning investors into equity buyers. When that happens rotation will reverse from growth to value back to growth, and it will occur much sooner than later.

      March 7, 2021

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