CNBC discovers that Apple Stores are cool-looking

From Tom Huddleston Jr.’s “From Bangkok to NYC: 5 of the coolest Apple stores around the world” posted Sunday:

Since the first Apple store opened in Virginia in 2001, Apple has opened more than 500 brick-and-mortar retail locations across 25 countries.

The settings for those stores can vary greatly, from shopping malls to Manhattan’s trendy SoHo shopping district. But in several cases, the tech giant co-founded by Steve Jobs (who always placed an emphasis on pleasing aesthetic designs) has aimed to ensure that the look of the store is just as appealing to customers as the company hopes the products inside will be…

As a result, several Apple stores around the world now stand out as much for their architectural features (think waterfalls and a floating sphere) as for the products they sell. Here are five of the coolest-looking Apple stores around the world:

  • Singapore, Apple Marina Bay Sands
  • New York City, Apple Fifth Avenue
  • Bangkok, Apple Central World
  • Milan, Apple Piazza Liberty
  • Dubai, Apple Dubai Mall

My take: Slow news day, cool photos.

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  1. Arthur Cheng said:
    I live next to the Singapore floating globe. It is a wonderful piece of architecture.

    January 18, 2021

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