This week’s Apple trading strategies (1/18-1/22)

A place for Apple traders and investors to share their best ideas — Inauguration week edition.

To get things rolling, here’s Gayle King giving Tim Cook, Lisa Jackson and Apple’s good deeds and corporate leadership nearly 7:30 minutes of free airtime on Thursday’s CBS This Morning:

Below: Apple vs. the S&P 500 (normalized)…

apple trading strategies 1-18

Disclosure: Although I am now an Apple shareholder (see Why I bought a share of Apple, my first), I am in no position to give trading advice. Don’t blame me if you drain your IRA doing something you read about here.

See also last week’s trading strategies.


  1. Fred Stein said:
    10 year treasuries have started to rise from historic lows that started with the start of pandemic. Keep an eye on it.

    January 17, 2021
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      Rising Treasury yields will cause the US$ to go up against other currencies. The FX honeymoon may be coming to an end.

      January 18, 2021

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