Apple trading strategies (week of 9/21-9-25)

A place for Apple traders and investors to share their best ideas — post Time Flies

To get things rolling, here’s Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster on how Apple gets to a $3.4 trillion market cap…


Below: Apple vs. the S&P 500 (normalized)…

Apple trading strategies 9-21

Disclosure: Although I am now an Apple shareholder (see Why I bought a share of Apple, my first), I am in no position to offer trading advice. Don’t blame me if you drain your IRA doing something you read about here.

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  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    Bravo Gene. Paraphrased: ‘Only Apple can offer the whole package: hardware, software and services’.

    Further WS is beginning to see Apple’s business fundamentally different from historic view.

    I’m holding off until AAPL hits $100, a target first espoused by Katy Huberty “We will be aggressive buyers at $100”.

    September 20, 2020
    • Tommo_UK said:
      Beat you to it Greg. Nibbled at 103.70 today but I’ll join you at the bar for another round if the sell off continues and we see $100 🙂

      September 21, 2020
  2. David Baraff said:
    I don’t think I understand selling the $130 December put. To be safe, you need to have the capital to buy the stock in case it is below $130 in December (which, considering it’s only briefly been above $130) seems quite possible. Simply regaining $125 by December doesn’t seem an utter certainty to me.

    In exchange, your max profit is only around $3.00 for each $130 you need to secure against needing to exercise the put. Any expiration below $127 and you’re losing money.

    Why did you choose this strategy? What am I not seeing?

    September 20, 2020
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      I don’t know what David sold them for, but the December Chain indicates he got about $2500 per contract. Assuming AAPL recovers to $115 by expiry, David can Buy them back, retaining about $1000 of the original sale price per contract.

      The math is a bit crude, but the principle is good.

      September 20, 2020
      • David Baraff said:
        Indeed. I was mistakenly looking at the price for the call options!! Selling the put yields 10x higher price, now this trade makes sense. A,lot of sense!

        September 20, 2020
  3. Kirk DeBernardi said:
    My take:

    Let’s keep this simple.

    Take PED’s title of this regularly recurring post —

    “Apple TRADING Strategies”

    (One solid oxymoron.)

    Then take the fact that most comments to this blog aspire AAPL to go up — naturally.

    Some prefer to make money as-they-go by pimping their “whore” in the options timing “casino”.

    Some just buy and hold, believing in their choice and its future. Longs, let’s say.

    Which strategy definitely upholds and strengthens a stocks price?

    Maybe the title to this recurring post should be, more appropriately…

    “Apple Investing Strategy”

    September 20, 2020
    • Kirk DeBernardi said:
      Hope I didn’t step on anybody’s money-making toes.


      September 20, 2020

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