The impoverished life of a billionaire Apple developer (video)

"This is my dining room. I've never actually eaten here." — Fortnite creator Tim Sweeney

From a 2008 interview posted on YouTube:

My take: A sad story. May not end well.

See also: "To Fight Apple and Google’s Grip, Fortnite Creator Mounts a Crusade" in Tuesday's New York Times.


  1. Michael Goldfeder said:
    Guess who else will never eat there? Tim Cook!

    August 25, 2020
  2. Robert LoCascio said:
    He doesn’t eat in his dining room and he doesn’t play games in his game room? I am trying to think of something pithy to write here, but I’m left feeling a bit sorry for this fellow (billionaire status aside). Maybe he should just buy an island in Fiji and retire…

    August 25, 2020
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      He doesn’t sound very social. I hope he’s ok with that, otherwise life could be difficult. I do agree with his feelings about fast cars. Every time I took out my Ford GT I came back refreshed. Took it on a “Route 66” kind of trip in 2010 (big loop around the US) using US and State highways instead of Interstates. It was glorious. I should have never sold it.

      August 25, 2020
  3. Bart Yee said:
    Oh, it’s quite different for Sweeney now, he sold off all his fast cars , has more management issues, and of course has a whole Bunch of investors he must answer to. He has expanded Epic, gotten Unreal in a superior position, and created his own EPIC Game Store. The Fortnite fortune has allowed him to flex his muscles, we’ll see if he survives this.

    August 26, 2020

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