Apple at the antitrust hearings: Tim Cook did just fine

Nobody accused Apple of stealing data, spreading disinformation or silencing conservative voices.

Rep. Hank Johnson, the Georgia Democrat who did the obligatory grilling of Cook, was well-briefed and stayed on topic—unlike some of his wackadoodle colleagues. But Johnson missed an opportunity to follow-up on Cook's assertion that on its App Store, all developers are treated the same. Really? Third party and in-house alike?

The hearing is still going on, but I'll be surprised if they come back to Cook.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Tim Cook also got a chance to say that slave labor is abhorrent, to fend off a Jim Jordan rant on the cancel culture and to turn a line of questions from Apple Watch-wearing Gerry Nadler into an extended advertisement for the App Store.

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  1. Fred Stein said:
    The hearing is a punch and judy show, a mock trial.

    The house has a real challenge, mainly to create laws to regulate digital utilities. Sadly, they lack the insight and the political detachment to do so.

    July 29, 2020
  2. John Konopka said:
    I watched a lot of the hearing. Tim Cook wasn’t addressed much. I thought many of the questions were good but the format doesn’t lend itself to much discovery. They should have had each CEO interviewed individually.

    OMG, Jim Jordan is really annoying.

    July 29, 2020
  3. Paul Brindze said:
    Just the fact that all these CEO’s were called to one hearing says how little the members of Congress (both parties) understand the digital world.

    The only thing they had in common were that they are large successful digital companies. Apple’s issues with developers are so very different from Google and Facebook’s issues of eating all competition… though maybe a little like Amazon’s issues with vendors.

    Also, although we all love Apple, they do not dominate their segment nearly as much as the other three dominate theirs.

    More political theater than anything serious.

    July 29, 2020
    • David Emery said:
      It seems that for some Congresscritters, significant success is itself sufficient for deep suspicion.

      There are press reports that Zuckerberg tossed some fumets into the vessel near the end of the hearings, complaining about other companies who were there.

      July 29, 2020
      • David Drinkwater said:
        I wonder how successful Facebook would really be without the iPhone.

        No, I really don’t. I think the iPhone helped launch both AAPL’s and FB’s rise.

        Not to mention all the other Apps that would not have been successful if dependent solely on Android. (And imagine how Google would have twisted *that* advantage if not for Apple!?!?!)

        July 30, 2020

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