Apple augmented reality lenses pass the prototype stage: Report

But mass production of the semitransparent lenses for AR headsets or glasses is at least one or two years away, according to The Information.

From Wayne Ma and Yunan Zhang’s “Apple Reaches New Stage in Development of AR Devices” ($) posted Friday:

The Information has learned that Apple is working with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology, Apple’s largest contract manufacturer and the one responsible for building most iPhones, to develop semitransparent lenses for its AR devices. As of two months ago, the lenses—considered one of the most essential elements of the head-worn devices—had passed the prototype stage and entered trial production, a person familiar with the matter said.

A spokesperson for Apple declined to comment.

The lenses are at least one to two years away from mass production, and the same is likely true of the AR product they ultimately end up in, the person said. The product must still go through a lengthy process of ramping up production to the point where Apple can reliably manufacture millions of them.

My take: A single unnamed source, but where there’s smoke there is sometimes fire.


  1. Steven Philips said:
    “..where there’s smoke there’s sometimes fire.”
    Or someone vaping?

    July 11, 2020
  2. Kirk DeBernardi said:
    That this potentially perpetual screen in front of you might undermine the usefulness of even the great iPhone going forward, it’s the simple fact that it’s on your face that gives pause to it’s mass-appeal promise as “the next big thing”, even if it introduces new things that the iPhone can’t do.

    I think we all would agree that the face is an ultimately sacred area to encroach upon for almost all of us. Will it’s perceived need and utility override this where iPhone-level masses will succumb to the allure?


    Maybe Apple can indeed pull another rabbit out of it’s hat.

    July 12, 2020
    • Jerry Doyle said:
      @Kirk DeBernardi: Good comments Kirk D. I believe Tim C when he says that Apple is investing huge amounts in AR. I also believe that Glass with AR may very well be the “next big thing” for Apple as you denote. As we move into AR, I believe the future is bright for HUD becoming “the thing” for us in going about our daily activities of living and for doing business in the world-of-work.

      July 12, 2020

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