Apple at 331.50: Look who’s underwater now

With Apple at an all-time high, 18 Wall Street analysts find themselves below the line and 16 above.

Below: My full list of Apple price targets—now with gap between target and closing price—as accurate and up-to-date* as I can make it. Corrections appreciated.

apple underwater 331.50

Click to enlarge. *I rely on TipRanks ($) for the estimates of an analyst who shall remain nameless (long story).

My take: Ankle deep in a recovery this steep is forgivable. Clients who sold at $243 and missed a $89 run-up may not be so forgiving.


  1. Aaron Belich said:
    No doubt we could make this chart more and more complicated. But in these snapshots, looking back on past statements, would it be beneficial to the readers to also include the share price at the time these estimates were made?

    Some of those estimates were already underwater the day they were released.

    I mean we, the Apple 3.0 community, all know this is the big joke of the business profession, Business or Market Analyst. But for new readers they may find it to be an interesting datapoint.

    June 5, 2020
  2. John Konopka said:
    During the analyst call in after the earnings announcements, does anyone know how many analysts are on the line? I’m guessing we get questions from about five of them. How many more are just listening?

    June 5, 2020
  3. Jonny Tilney said:
    Ever growing evidence to suggest that Rod Hall is in the wrong business…

    June 6, 2020

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