Jefferies: Apple's iPhone SE2 may launch in May

The iPhone 5G iPhone could still arrive this fall says analyst Kyle McNealy.

From a note to clients that landed on my desktop Tuesday afternoon:

Too Early to Tell if Apple is Off-track for Fall Launches… The Display supply chain appears to be positioned for a May launch for the Apple (AAPL, $259.74, Buy) cost optimized iPhone SE successor (4G+LCD) versus the previous expectation for April. Including this launch, the Display supply chain is prepared for a total of 5 new iPhone devices launched in CY'20. The remaining four devices will be launched in the Fall including a 5.4” OLED, 6.1” OLED, 6.7” OLED, and 6.1” LCD. At this point (early April), it’s too early to tell if Apple is off-track for a September launch.

The Display supply chain is currently operating as if everything is going forward for September. Pilot production and testing typically takes place in May with mass production in June for a September launch. In May, they'll have a better sense for how the production and testing timeline is progressing and a better idea whether the ultimate launch will go forward for September or get delayed to later in the year.

My take: At this point, I'll only believe an iPhone launch when I see it.


  1. Aaron Belich said:
    Display vs Disney ? I too am confused about your take.

    April 7, 2020
    • “Display vs Disney ? I too am confused about your take.”

      You’re confused? What about me? I read that note all the way through reading Disney for Display. No wonder it didn’t make sense. Thanks for making me take a second look.
      (P.S. I’ve deleted that sentence to spare anyone else the confusion.)

      April 7, 2020
  2. Gregg Thurman said:
    At this point, I’ll only believe an iPhone launch when I see it.

    I’ve already posted my thoughts on form factor, volume and pricing (which I think WS has gotten all wrong). As to launch date I’m with you, I don’t think WS has a clue about when (or even if) an iPhone SE2 will launch.

    April 7, 2020
  3. Gregg Thurman said:
    Went to my local Yoke’s Supermarket today. Supply of face masks must be getting better as I’ve never seen so many wearing them as I did today. Kinda like closing the barn door after the cows got out.

    April 7, 2020
  4. John Konopka said:
    On the Apple investors page they now say that earnings will be announced April 30. Probably more interesting than the earnings will be the guidance for the current quarter. It will be interesting to see what guidance comes out for other companies as well. Even if it is not great having some solid information may calm some of the wide swings in stock prices.

    April 7, 2020

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