Apple wants its employees at the mothership, coronavirus be damned

Survey: Among big tech, Cupertino’s work-from-home policies are the least forgiving—and the least popular.

Results from a survey by Teamblind, a South Korean start-up that gives (verified) employees a social-media space vent anonymously:

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Below: A Teamblind screenshot.

Apple teamblind coronavirus

My take: I’m working from home for the duration, as usual.

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  1. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    Hi Philip, once you went 3.0, I figured most of your authorship, when not traveling, has been from your home office. Have you been doing coworking spaces, too? Like Spacious, Greendesk, The Farm, or WeWork?

    March 7, 2020
  2. Jerry Doyle said:
    As an individual assigned to a special committee for a federal department of approximately 7,000 employees to implement telecommuting, I can say unequivocally that the vast majority of jobs are not positions appropriate for telecommuting. Our committee examined all jobs in the department to see which ones had job tasks appropriate for the employee to performed at home relative to the need of better juggling work and family obligations with childcare, latchkey school children, disabled spouse or elder care. Telecommuting (or work at home) would come into play with Covid-19.

    I support Apple’s management decision to give employees whose jobs are appropriate for telecommuting from home authorization to do so in that the decision reduces the number of total staffs congregated on campus.

    I also support Apple’s management decision not to give individuals whose jobs are inappropriate for telecommuting from home to come to the campus to work and while on campus to exercise maximum levels of sanitary behavior to avoid spreading and coming in contact with the virus.

    I was on the campus last week. A couple of Covid-19 cases were identified not far away (geographically) while I was in Cupertino. I visited Cupertino’s hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping centers. Places were filled with patrons. No one inside these public places seemed troubled over the possibility of catching the virus. I saw no one during the week wearing a mask on his or her face. I am certain that folk getting the opportunity to WFH still would continue their daily activities of grocery shopping, going to retail centers, restaurants, bars, salons, etc., unless the situation there has deteriorated significantly in the past week.

    Lastly, knowing Apple’s senior management I am certain they are monitoring the situation closely, have all appropriate safety measures in place on campus to maintain cleaned sanitized facilities with a team of health officials on hand to render advice, employee counseling and medical consultation while workers are on site.

    March 7, 2020
    • Jerry Doyle said:
      @Fred Stein: Thanks for sharing the article Fred. The article is clear: “…. Apple has begun encouraging it’s Apple Park and Infinite Loop-based employees to work from home, if possible, attempting to prevent unnecessary spread of COVID-19, according to Business Insider.”

      The statement uses the words, “if possible.” As I denoted in my comments and from my experience of examining workers’ position descriptions in our organization I know that not all workers’ jobs are appropriate for telecommuting. Only a limited number of jobs in our organization included job tasks that could be done solely in a WFH environment without the worker needing to be in the office. Some job descriptions entail “limited” job tasks in a job position that could be done in a WFH setting. Some employees in our organization didn’t understand this concept, or didn’t want to understand it. So, it could be that the 38% figure Apple shows us is the maximum number of job positions that are “appropriate” for WFH and that Apple is responsive in this endeavor to afford workers whose jobs are appropriate for WFH the opportunity to do so.

      March 7, 2020

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