More red ahead for Apple—and everybody else

From Fox News' "Trump says coronavirus will ‘disappear’ eventually."

“We have done an incredible job. We’re going to continue,” the President said, claiming that the media won’t give the administration “credit” for a successful response to the virus.

Speaking about the 15 individuals [actually, closer to 60] diagnosed with the coronavirus on US soil, Trump said that “the 15 will soon be down to three, four.”

Trump called his Wednesday appearance before the White House press corps to address the administration’s response to the virus “really good” and “a calming press conference.”

My take: The happy talk isn't helping. For a more realistic assessment, I recommend Michael Barbaro's interview with NYT science/health reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. on "The Daily"

See also: Apple 3.0 COVID-19 archives.

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