Google vs. Oracle, Ellison and Trump

Oligarchs take note.

From Malathi Nayak's "Trump Backs Supporter Larry Ellison in Court Fight With Google" posted on Bloomberg News Thursday:

The Trump administration urged the U.S. Supreme Court to reject an appeal by Alphabet Inc.’s Google, boosting Oracle Corp.’s bid to collect more than $8 billion in royalties for Google’s use of copyrighted programming code in the Android operating system.

The administration weighed in on the high-stakes case on the same day that President Donald Trump attended a re-election campaign fundraiser in California hosted by Oracle’s co-founder, billionaire Larry Ellison.

My take: Apple, too, has had its share of presidential favors. But without the fundraising bit.


  1. David Emery said:
    I can’t speak to the detailed legal issues, but from a technological policy issue, I’m with Google on this one. Public APIs should not be subject to copyright and licensing.

    February 20, 2020
    • Steven Noyes said:
      I’m just the reverse on this from purely a technical standpoint. I thought Google was, at best disingenuous and, at worst deceitful, when they tried to state API’s were easy and not worth copyright. Solid architecture through API’s are hard to do. For Google to lift the actual source for the API was wrong. Was it 8 billion wrong? Probably not but it was wrong.

      As for quid-pro-quo? People saw what they wanted and most of it colored through glasses of hate.

      February 20, 2020
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Did Apple get any special favors?

    Yes, Trump did back down on tariff threats on Apple products. Just my guess, Tim Cook stated the obvious. Tariffs on iPhones last year, would have been the ‘Grinch that stole Christmas’. Helping Samsung wouldn’t be a crowd pleaser. And, AAPL is in nearly every retirement plan in one way or another.

    Apple’s manufacturing in Austin started long before 2016. Apple also tried and abandoned a Sapphire plant in Arizona years ago.

    February 20, 2020

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