Apple at $318: Look who’s still underwater

The company reports December earnings Tuesday. Watch for a bunch of analysts to bump their targets just before—or just after—the call.

Below: My full list of Apple price targets—now with gap between target and closing price—as accurate and up-to-date* as I can make it. Corrections appreciated.

apple underwater targets 318

Click to enlarge. I rely on *TipRanks ($) for the estimates of an analyst who shall remain nameless (long story).

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  1. David Drinkwater said:
    Did something happen while I wasn’t looking and the Braeburn Group dissolved? I would have expected to see Robert Paul Leitao in the above list.

    To be honest, though, apart from The Footless One, all the names above are “affiliated” analysts. I wonder what the unaffiliated analysts are saying.

    January 25, 2020
    • ” I would have expected to see Robert Paul Leitao in the above list.”

      This list is pros only. Robert will be in the Smackdown as an independent, still posting estimates under the flag of Braeburn.

      January 25, 2020
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Look at how many of the largest global names in finance have targets that are so far below current price. Can they be so out of touch?

    January 25, 2020
  3. Martin Beutling said:
    After the last 7:1-split, I wouldn’t t have expected to see price targets climb back to these heights .

    In 2010 or 11 I read an interesting article : how AAPL can get to $1000…
    It was reasonable in arguments, but with AAPL in the mid 100s to this time, a piece of fantasy. 10 years later, AAPL stands far above $2700, split adjusted.

    January 26, 2020

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