Apple News to co-host Feb. 7 Democratic debate

From Jon Fingas’ “Apple News partners on a presidential debate for the first time in February” posted Thursday on Engadget:

Apple isn’t just offering in-depth election news — for 2020, it’ll have a degree of participation in the process. Apple News will partner on its first political debate on February 7th, when it cooperates with ABC and WMUR-TV for the eighth Democratic debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Apple hasn’t outlined just what it will do as part of its co-hosting duties (we’ve asked it for details), but it’s safe to presume that the debate will receive priority coverage in the News app.

My take: Apple, for better or worse, wants a piece of the action.


  1. Jerry W Doyle said:

    My take: Perhaps Apple sees itself functioning more as the new media’s Ministry of Truth. What will their role be in the “Republican” debates?

    I do hope that Apple media offers diverse interests, ideas and voices throughout the election cycle so that the public may respond. Apple, be fearless in your belief in democracy. Little doubt during the coverage we will be told of the power of corporations and how they need to be broken-up and balanced with the interest of the general public.

    It doesn’t matter much what flows forth from these coverages. The media surely understands that it no longer is a top-down media story anymore. With the accessibility of the Internet, smartphones, digital cameras able to transmit images over the Internet in real time, we are a nation of story tellers, everyone a Thomas Paine. Other folk are going to write the story from the ground-up. The media no longer is the Master running the plantation.

    December 13, 2019
  2. Kirk DeBernardi said:

    @ Jerry —

    Great observation.

    Wow…a new-age crop of plantation masters seeded from a mere internet presence and sway.


    December 13, 2019

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