Apple’s ‘ugly’ iPhone, explained

This, according to Bloomberg, is what all those lenses are for.

From Mark Gurman and Debby Wu’s “Apple Readies Camera-Focused Pro iPhones” posted Thursday on Bloomberg:

Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones, as it has done each year since 2017: “Pro” iPhone models to succeed the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well as a successor to the iPhone XR.

The main feature of the Pro iPhones will be a new camera system on the back with a third sensor for capturing ultra-wide-angle photos and videos. The extra camera will let users zoom out and capture a larger field of view. The sensors will capture three images simultaneously and use new artificial intelligence software to automatically correct the combined photo if, for example, a person is accidentally cut out of one of the shots. The new system will also take higher resolution pictures rivaling some traditional cameras. Photos taken in very low-light environments will improve, too.

The high-end handsets will have significantly upgraded video recording capabilities, getting them closer to professional video cameras. Apple has developed a feature that allow users to retouch, apply effects, alter colors, reframe and crop video as it is being recorded live on the device.

My take: Gurman, to Apple’s dismay, usually gets this stuff right.

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  1. Fred Stein said:
    If true, Apple gets the last laugh.

    While all the so-called experts tout 5G, they’re naive.they’re just repeating someone else’s hype. It’s at least another year off.

    But this camera will be must-have for some buyers. They will then, promote it virally on photo sharing Apps. And, for TV news user generated smartphone content is a staple.

    August 23, 2019

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