Business Insider: Apple’s Tim Cook BS’d Trump

Friday’s dinner date, according to the Wall Street Journal, was “one of the more profitable political wine-and-dines ever.”

From Shona Ghosh  “Tim Cook’s pitch to Trump that Apple will lose the edge to Samsung because of tariffs makes no sense” ($) posted Tuesday:

  • Trump told reporters from Bloomberg and other outlets that Cook had made a “compelling argument” that tariffs on China would hamper Apple’s ability to compete with its main smartphone rival, Samsung.
  • If Cook did make this argument, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Apple is already behind Samsung on smartphone sales, and it doesn’t have anything to do with tariffs.
  • An increase in iPhone prices might mean existing iPhone customers are even slower to upgrade than usual, but that has nothing to do with Samsung…
  • Caveat: This is Trump’s version of Cook’s remarks. We haven’t heard directly from Cook or Apple.

My take: Business Insider is stirring up trouble (and clicks) again, caveat be damned.


  1. Mark Visnic said:
    “Apple is already behind Samsung on smartphone sales, …” They’re playing the “unit” card again. do they not understand or are they disingenuous? Profit share, not unit share.

    August 20, 2019
    • Peter Kropf said:
      Click Bait? Yes.

      DFP? Yes. (Disingenuity for Profit”>

      August 20, 2019
    • Turley Muller said:
      Samsung is not ahead of Apple in the US. And they are not ahead of Apple in the premium segment, pretty much the only space Apple plays. iPhone ASPs are north of $700. Samsungs are in the 200’s…. That says it all.

      August 20, 2019
  2. Fred Stein said:
    BS? Yes, On Shona Ghosh, not Tim Cook.

    August 20, 2019
  3. Turley Muller said:
    Preposterous!! Everybody knows you can’t BS a BS’er..

    August 20, 2019

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