Apple: SiriOS in 2020?

Let’s follow this rumor to its source.

Posted Friday on AppleWorld Today: “Investment firm predicts Apple will debut SiriOS at the 2020 WWDC“:

In a new report, the Mangrove investment firm predicts that Apple will release a SiriOS for its developer community at its 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference that “would accelerate innovation and adoption.”

From Mangrove Capital Partners: “Voice: Welcoming the next generation of disruptors

It will be up to technology companies to respond to [privacy] concerns – something Apple has been doing particularly effectively. Its acquisition of Silk Labs, which develops on-device AI operating software that removes the need for cloud processing, was a shrewd move.

Apple has been less effective at building an ecosystem around voice. With its vision of the ‘Knowledge Navigator’, Apple’s voice strategy was more clearly articulated in 1987 than it is now. The voice community expects Apple to release a SiriOS for its developer community at WWDC 2020 which would accelerate innovation and adoption.

“A SiriOS is desirable for enabling innovation and is viewed by many as required to match the progress made by Amazon and Google with their voice assistants,” Bret Kinsella, Editor and Publisher at

From Bret Kinsella’s “What Apple Didn’t Announce at WWDC 2019,” posted June 4 on

SiriOS: Think of Siri operating system (OS) as the equivalent of Alexa with the Alexa Skills Kit or Google Assistant with the Actions on Google development environment. It would be a standalone set of capabilities, integrations, and frameworks that enable the development of voice-only user experiences and for the interoperability with other computing environments.

Today, Siri is a feature within Apple’s iOS for mobile devices and to a lesser extent OSX for computers. Both of those operating systems were designed with a set of assumptions that are inconsistent with voice-first and voice-only user experiences.

A SiriOS is desirable for enabling innovation and is viewed by many as required to match the progress made by Amazon and Google with their voice assistants. Apple organized its WWDC keynote presentations in 2019 around four operating systems: tvOS, watchOS, iOS, and macOS. Many hoped that SiriOS would join them, but there is always 2020. [emphasis mine]

My take: If wishes were horses. Still waiting for Siri to catch up.

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  1. David Emery said:
    “The voice community expects ”

    When someone tells you what “a community” expects, be sure to wear your hip-waders because its’s getting really deep. That probably means the article’s author called 3 friends.

    July 20, 2019
  2. Aaron Belich said:
    Another nothing-burger, similar to the trade-in article claiming Apple’s downfall in maintaining customers.

    July 20, 2019
  3. Fred Stein said:
    Heck, I’ll join the fun kids full of wild speculation. Why not? No one will remember by 2020 WWDC.

    Apple hired Giannandrea to report to Tim Cook, likely for a redo in AI, not a makeover. While the following article is several levels above me, it shows the latest in AI and NLP. Note where the authors hail from. Note also some plain prose in the Abstract, “applying it successfully to English constituency parsing both with large and limited training data” . especially the last three words.

    July 20, 2019
  4. victor castroll said:
    this article is 100% correct. in fact, i’m hearing they’re trying to get NDA beta dev kits out early 2020. like fuck 2019 christmas SIRI team.

    anyway, what’s interesting is, why is Siri so important. solve that and you’ve solved the puzzle.

    July 20, 2019
    • Dave Ryder said:
      Victor’s comment got me imagining how a combination of Siri (voice), AR, and glasses could come together in operating different devices. A semi-autonomous car, for instance.

      July 20, 2019
      • victor castroll said:
        winner winner dave ryder.

        amazon is using voice to drive commerce.

        aapl is using voice to drive. everything…

        July 20, 2019

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