Five things I learned from Apple's Field Guide

Apple News' first "Spotlight" on the democratic candidates is chock-full of colorful details.

  • John Hickenlooper telling CNN about the time, at age 18, he took his mom to see "Deep Throat"
  • LA-based spiritual guru Marianne Williamson officiating at Elizabeth Taylor's eighth (and final) marriage.
  • Cory Booker slipping in the polls after declaring himself the candidate of "radical love."
  • Warren Wilhelm Jr. changing his name to Bill De Blasio. (He took his mother's last name as an adult. He has always gone by Bill.)
  • Joe Biden telling the New York Times that he, like Trump, is a teetotaler: "There are enough alcoholics in my family."

Apple's press release.

My take: Useful, well-curated and fun.

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