Meet 'Bill,' Apple's anonymous App Store hatchet man

Feedback from angry developers can be threatening.

From Kif Leswing's "Inside Apple’s team that greenlights iPhone apps for the App Store," posted Friday:

The department has more than 300 reviewers and is based out of a pair of offices in Sunnyvale, California — not Apple’s famous Apple Park campus or its older headquarters, Infinite Loop, people familiar with the offices said...

According to people familiar with app review operations, day-to-day oversight mainly falls to a vice president at Apple, Ron Okamoto, and a director who joined Apple when it bought TestFlight in 2015, whom CNBC is not naming because of security reasons. Reviewers say they sometimes receive feedback from developers that can be threatening...

Many developers, especially those who have gained public attention for their complaints about App Review, are contacted by a longtime Apple veteran who identifies himself as “Bill,” who doesn’t offer a last name, and whom CNBC is not identifying due to security reasons...

My take: We don't get his last name, but we do get his voice:

Bill was recorded making an appeal call in 2016 by an angry developer. In the recording, Bill asks the developer, “Are you familiar with Phil? This is coming from Phil Schiller.”

P.S. A rare inside look. Someone should send it to Elizabeth Warren.

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