Why oh why did Apple kill MagSafe? (followup)

The most user-hostile act of the Tim Cook/Jony Ive era.

apple magsafe kill followupFrom The Verge, the day the first MacBooks without MagSafe power adaptors went on sale:

MagSafe was one of those tiny but brilliant innovations that made you question how no one else had thought of it yet. Rather than having a power cable get locked into a laptop — leading to the possibility of someone tripping over the cable and yanking the computer onto the floor — Apple’s MagSafe cables attached magnetically; strong enough to hold on, but weak enough that they’d rip off instead of taking a computer with them.

My take: The power cord on my new MarBook Air was a step backward, and it shows.

MagsafeUPDATE: Happy ending. Being under warranty, my power cord was replaced—no question asked—at the nearest Apple Store. Servicing customers one at a time is a solution, I suppose, as long as it’s the plug that bends and not the port.

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  1. David Emery said:
    When someone tripped over a cord and broke my MBP, it was the ethernet cable, and not the power cable. Apple should have granted USB the rights to use this patent for USB-C connectors.

    June 8, 2019

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