Rip. Mix. Burn. Dead?

The era of ripping songs from CDs is over. Or is it?

A guy walking his dog told me this morning that the deprecation of iTunes meant that he could no longer rip songs a la carte from CDs.

I had not heard that. Doing my due diligence I queried Apple PR and searched the millions of words spilled on the bogus "death of iTunes" story over the past week or so. I got one clean hit—an unanswered query on Apple support:

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Q: Will I still be able to Rip CDs in the new music app?
Will I still be able to rip my CDs in the new music app? also will the functionality be the same as far as being able to choose formats like AIFF.

My take: Now I have this question too. Although, truth be told, it's been years since I owned a working CD player.

UPDATE: A source who is In a position to know but insists on speaking on background (because this is Apple, after all) says the new Music app will support ripping. Daniel Eran Dilger had the same info on Wednesday..

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