Are Mac Pro rumors setting WWDC19 up for a fall?

If you believe The Verge, the debut next week of this much-delayed workhorse computer is a done deal.

The lead paragraph of Dieter Bohn’s WWDC walkup:

Apple’s big Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote is happening on Monday, June 3rd, and this year looks to be more consequential than most. The thing that will probably steal the show will be a long-expected — and very long-awaited — Mac Pro. That’s the way things go at software events that just happen to have a hardware announcement.

My take: When it comes to pro-level hardware, WWDC is the cruelest event, breeding dreams too often dashed. I’ll believe this one when I see it.

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  1. David Drinkwater said:
    “I’ll believe this one when I see it.”

    Whoop! There it is!


    I do think The Beast is important. It shows that even something that the market has “predicted” to come from Apple can still demonstrate significant innovation that was not predicted, because no-one else has gone where Apple went (now past tense because, well, … yesterday).

    June 4, 2019

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