Today's Deals: Fake Apple Watch, fake Apple AirPods

Is Apple policing these ads? Did iDropNews approve them?

fake apple watch airpods

I stumbled across "Today's Deals" at the bottom of an article about plans to equip 5,900 incoming freshmen at the University of Kentucky with iPad Airs, keyboards and pencils.

What's being represented as a $39.99 Apple Watch turns out to be a no-brand "Fit Time." Order those $29.99 AirPods and you'll get "AirSounds True Wireless Earbuds." If you get anything at all.

My take: It's a jungle out there.


  1. Ralph McDarmont said:
    Fraudulent companies have been stealing Apple’s designs and intellectual property since day one. Consider Samsung, for example. They pioneered the concept. Apple has enriched hundreds of counterfeiters.

    May 2, 2019
    • Dan Scropos said:
      Chinese brand and IP theft has been estimated at $200-$300 billion per year.

      May 2, 2019
  2. Jerry W Doyle said:
    Ralph’s comment that Apple has enriched hundreds of counterfeiters is significant and an accurate assessment. iDropNews targets solely news articles written about Apple. They are interesting reads although often regurgitated from other news sources. They don’t do their own reporting, analysis or investigations. If one wants to know what is happening inside or outside Apple then iDropNews is an excellent coagulator of Apple news articles on all things Apple.

    Yes, you are correct to denote that iDropNews inundates and indulges the reader with some of the most hyperbolized, embellished and even salacious advertisements one encounters. The further one scrolls toward the bottom the more outlandish the ads become.

    iDropNews has quite a following of Apple aficionados and readers with antipathy of Apple consumers. I notice, though, in the last couple of years the news publication truly has grown in readership.

    May 2, 2019

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