WSJ: Three of Jony Ive's industrial designers are leaving Apple

From Tripp Mickle's Turnover Hits Apple’s Famed Industrial Design Team ($) in Friday's Wall Street Journal:

Apple's close-knit industrial design team is undergoing its most pronounced turnover in decades, marking a changing of the guard for the famed group that has defined the tech giant’s aesthetic and spearheaded the development of products including the iPhone.

Rico Zorkendorfer and Daniele De Iuliis, who together have more than 35 years of experience at Apple, decided to leave the company recently, people familiar with the departures said. Another member of the team with a decade of experience, Julian Hönig, plans to leave in the coming months, people familiar with his plans said...

The departures of members of the core design team that revived Apple in the 2000s and did the work behind the iPhone, iPad and watch come amid a pause in new products, as the company emphasizes new subscription services this year instead of new gadgets amid slowing iPhone sales. It also follows chief designer Jony Ive’s resumption a little over a year ago of day-to-day oversight for the industrial design group.

My take: Hard to tell from the outside what this means. Correlation to Ive's return does not necessarily mean causation, although that's Mickle's implication.


  1. Aaron Belich said:
    Trip Mickle article? Nothing but lies and subterfuge.

    April 25, 2019
  2. victor castroll said:
    um, trip is right. and ive is next. prob announcing at earnings.  offering him all the money in the world. so far, he says no…

    April 25, 2019
  3. Jerry W Doyle said:
    The primacy here is Sir Jonathan Ive remains at Apple.

    Much of Apple’s success is due to Jony. Jony remains in a strategic position. Before he died Steve Jobs revealed explicitly the degree to which he empowered Jony Ive inside Apple. “… He has more operational power than anyone else at Apple except me,” Jobs said. “… There’s no one who can tell (Jony) what to do, or to butt out. That’s the way I set it up.”

    Tim Cook continues to honor this organizational chart with a direct line between him and Jony and a “dotted-line” between Jony and all other senior executive staffs.

    I noticed recently from multiple readings that Jony (and Tim Cook) clearly retain Steve Jobs’s values of making “great products” more important than revving Apple’s balance sheet. Jony continues reiterating that mantra with deep sincerity saying repeatedly Apple’s goal is not to make money, but to make great products. “… We trust that if we are successful (then) people will like (our products) and if we are operationally competent (Apple) will make revenue.” (Jony Ive)

    Sir Johnathan Ive has prepared for this day to retain the continuity-of-integrity in high level performance within the ID unit. Even on the outside attempting to know what transpires deep on the inside within the clandestine walls and corridors of that unit I am confident to say that the most talented and brightest of young industrial designers on this planet are “licking-their-chops” in hopes of landing a position of shepherding under the Godfather of Design.

    April 25, 2019
  4. victor castroll said:
    um. ive might be gone too. he’s trying to get a 78 million pound sterling salary plus more options.

    i think he will

    April 25, 2019
  5. victor castroll said:
    twittersphere is on fire with end of  chants

    April 25, 2019
    • Michael Thompson said:
      Yes, it is very normal for the RICHEST publicly traded company on the earth BY FAR to go out of business. I’m very worried about Apple only having net income of about $60 billion in 2018 and that awful $265 billion in revenue.

      Most concerning is the $245 BILLION that Apple currently has in the bank. That is the hallmark of a future bankruptcy case.

      Also of concern is the low dividend payout ratio, the $250 BILLION that Apple has spent on stock buybacks and the $60-$70 billion of annual free cash flow.

      Get lost. Apple shareholders have done a lot of winning and the winning has just started.

      April 26, 2019
      • victor castroll said:
        dont shoot the messenger.

        April 27, 2019

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