Meet Apple’s new pioneer of cinematic VR (video)

Arthur van Hoff, co-founder a Disney-backed virtual reality start-up called Jaunt, joined Apple this month as a senior architect.

From Variety:

Van Hoff founded Jaunt in 2013, and served as its CTO until late 2018. He also briefly stepped into the CEO role in 2016. Jaunt had been one of the pioneering drivers of cinematic virtual reality; the company developed its own high-end camera for VR capture, and also a distribution platform for VR content. In 2015, it raised some $65 million in funding from Disney and others.

However, the company struggled to reconcile its aggressive plans, and the funding it had raised to support them, with the realities of a lagging VR market. In October, it laid off a significant portion of its staff, and refocused on mixed reality capture.

Cue the YouTube video from 2016:

My take: Tim Cook is pouring money into AR (augmented reality) and van Hoff is a VR (virtual reality) guy, but there’s a lot of overlap. I’m not sure what “mixed reality capture” is, but it sounds like something a pair of Apple glasses could use. van Hoff talks about AR at the 2:00 minute mark in the video, and he makes it sound hard.


  1. Fred Stein said:

    Interesting: In the clip, now 3 years old, it’s all about VR. On today’s Jaunt website, its all about AR (10 ARs vs 1 VR mention in word search on “about” page)

    Just my opinion, and in line with Tim Cook’s focus on AR, this is about 3D image capture. 3D image capture can be used for AR and for VR. 3D image capture also allows captured footage to be re-used without being re-shot to get different effects.

    Next point: The number VR screens is in the millions. The the number 2D screens is in the billions Apple has 1.4 billion flat screens 3D capture can provide 3D effects and other enhancements (augmentations) to flat screen viewing.

    Net: 3D image capture is the crown jewel, with VR viewing being one minor application.

    April 10, 2019
  2. T R said:

    I’m looking forward to what may be revealed at WWDC.

    About 5 minute mark:

    “Intel taps into technology called Voxels and the presentation on this begins at the 2:33 mark of the video below and ends around the 8:50 mark. The technology will also change the way we watch sports in ways unimaginable until now, and it’s in the works in the real world as you’ll see in the video.”

    April 11, 2019

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