Five reasons Apple 3.0 page views fell 17% in February (illustrated)

What’s behind my site’s first quarter of negative growth since I left Fortune in 2016?

In the chart below, toggle between Page Views and YOY Growth. Not seeing the chart? Click here.

Reason 1. Short month: 8% fewer days in February (28) than the average month (30.4). Just kidding; no effect on year-over year-comparison.

page views fell february

Reason 2. Not much happening: Slowest news flow since May 2018. (not seeing  the Datawrapper chart? try here)

Reason 3: iPhone doldrums: First quarterly report without unit sales data. Also, revenue down.

Reason 4. Depressed share price: After a brutal beating, an anemic bounce.

Reason 5. Distracted writer: Replaced hip, lost mom.

page views fell february

The good news: Despite the decline in page views, my paid subscriber base grew in February, although by a modest 2.3%.

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  1. Turley Muller said:

    I missed about your Mom. Really sorry to hear that. Terrific obit.
    Good news about the sub base growth.
    Perhaps one more reason… This year’s report was in JAN, and last year’s (1Q18) was in FEB, making it a tough compare since I assume there is more traffic following those dates.

    March 1, 2019

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