Full list of Apple’s Hollywood projects, real and rumored

Adapted from CNET’s running tally, updated Thursday.

Lots more detail—and bold-face names—in Rebecca Fleenor’s labor of love.

Drama series

  • Are You Sleeping: Based on novel about true crime podcasts.
  • Calls: Adaptation of Timothée Hochet’s French series
  • Defending Jacob: Teenage son accused of murder.
  • Little America: Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon immigrants drama
  • Losing Earth: Based on NY Times article about climate change
  • My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: Based on Amy Silverstein’s 2017 memoir
  • Pachinko: Multiple generations of Koreans migrate to Japan.
  • Swagger: Early life of NBA basketball player Kevin Durant
  • Shantaram: Australian bank robber escapes prison, flees to Bombay
  • Untitled: Drama series from La La Land’s Damien Chazelle
  • Untitled: Mystery drama about child journalist chasing murderer
  • Untitled: Psychological thriller by Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan


  • Central Park: Animated musical comedy from the creator of Bob’s Burgers
  • Dickinson: A comedic twist on the spinster poet of Amherst
  • Little Voice: Musical dramedy with songs by Sara Bareilles
  • Untitled: Videogame developer comedy via creator of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
  • Untitled: 30 Rock producer Colleen McGuinness comedy series


  • Amazing Stories: Reboot of Spielberg’s sci-fi series
  • Foundation: Adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi classic
  • Time Bandits: Remake of Terry (Monty Python) Gilliam’s film
  • See: Sci-fi drama set in a future where humans are born blind
  • Untitled: Sci-Fi series from X-Man screenwriter/producer

Reality TV

  • Planet of the Apps: Shark Tank knockoff
  • Carpool Karaoke: Spinoff of James Corden’s Late Late Show schtick
  • Home: High-end real estate porn

Children’s programming

  • Peanuts:  Charlie Brown multi-series, specials, shorts
  • Sesame Workshop multi-series, without Sesame Street

Reese Witherspoon projects

  • Untitled: Morning TV wars with Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston
  • Untitled: Space drama from creator of the reimagined Battlestar Galactic

Other partnerships

  • Oprah Winfrey: Big name, no details
  • Justin Lin: Fast & Furious director; no details.

My take: I’m a little blown away. This is a pretty daunting list, especially for Hollywood newcomers with no clear business plan. I’m hoping for the best, but if Tim Cook is looking for ways to trim Apple’s sails, I bet he could find some savings here.

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  1. David Drinkwater said:

    Well, if we wish to unduly abuse the analogy of trimming sails, we could look at this as the upwind leg of the race. We had a nice run, but now we have to fight our way against the wind to get to another reach and finish out the course.

    Naturally, this is a multi-lap race, so we will have to go through this process more than once.

    Another aspect of trimming sails, of course, is to tighten them so that you can head higher to the wind. It’s hard work, and you have to change tack more than once, but its necessary in order to plot a course as close to the marker as possible.

    The Hollywood stuff might seem more appropriate to use as a spinnaker when you’re on a run, no doubt, but it does seem to be in Apple’s overall Plan. I’ll blow that one off. 😉

    January 18, 2019
  2. Gregg Thurman said:

    if Tim Cook is looking for ways to trim Apple’s sails, I bet he could find some savings here.

    Wrong. When things slow you expand. You put more into generating revenue, marketing and advertising.

    January 18, 2019
  3. Rick Raphael said:

    Project lists mean nothing in this business. Lists of signed: producers, directors, writers and actors are what make a production company viable. The people who create block-buster products are A-list talent with Mensa level intelligence. Think Steve Jobs and Pixar. I worked in that business for 35 years and the ones with those skills are few and far between. For Apple it will be a niche business, and a crap shot at that, unless Cook’s got a genius in the wings to run it. Production lists are just wish lists.

    January 18, 2019

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