Rumor: Apple has started producing AirPower pads

From Mashable’s Don’t get worked up about AirPower just yet, Apple stans, posted Saturday:

The Hong Kong website ChargerLAB reported, via a “credible source,” that AirPower wireless charging mats are already in production. Separately, an app developer mentioned he had heard that Apple overcame its ongoing production problems with AirPower. Taken together, these developments suggest the long-gestating tech might finally become a reality.

My take: I’ve read—and written—enough snarky Apple headlines to recognize the formula. Expect a lot more “finally”s when AirPower finally arrives.


  1. Dan Scropos said:

    This is so good to hear. It will be an extremely minor contributer to revenue, but it truly demonstrates Apple’s commitment to excellence. I’m quite sure other companies would have rushed this product out, considering the revised guidance. Apple did not, and there’s something to be said for that. I’m excited for Apple’s next chapter and the impending disruption of healthcare and healthcare monitoring.

    January 13, 2019
    • Aaron Belich said:

      Lots of companies DID rush out similar looking charging pads… and then you find out that they are not the same thing… only certain devices can be placed in specific locations on their version.

      Good on Apple, but also they need to go back to keeping mum on their products until its time to ship—unless they need developer support. But I didn’t believe AirPower needed dev support.

      January 13, 2019
    • Fred Stein said:

      Yup Dan, Agree on both your points: Not rushing products and healthcare.

      Reminds me of the delays on AirPods. Now they are everywhere and the competition is no where.

      January 14, 2019

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