Watch the Apple sell-side analysts dive for cover

Did they warn their clients that Apple was about to plunge? With a few exceptions, they did not.

Click on the column headings to see how price targets fell on the news that Apple would miss its guidance. Not seeing the interactive chart? Try here.

Source: My price target spreadsheet, as complete and up-to-date as I can make it. Corrections appreciated. About "Unnamed analyst," the less said the better.

My take: Kudos to New Street's Pierre Ferragu, who called this one. In most everybody else's defense, they're new enough at the game (post 2002) that Apple's guidance had never failed them.

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  1. S Lawton said:
    Well Presidet Trump. has just made it clear how little concerned he is with Apple’s Chins problems

    January 4, 2019

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