Why Apple Connect failed to connect (video)

When Apple pulled the plug Thursday on its two-year-old social media service for music fans, it made a sound like “ping.”

From the 2:40 minute guided tour posted in April 2016 by Apple UK:

Find more artists to follow by tapping here. Then tap here. And then tap here. Let’s follow him. They’re cool. Oh, I love these guys. OK, that’s good. Let’s go back. Press here. Now hit here. And press Done…. If you like, you can always ask Siri for help.

Cue the video:

My take: I tried it once. I also once tried Ping, which Steve Jobs described as “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.”


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  1. Jonny Tilney said:

    Trouble is, people only have room for so many social media applications (as Google is discovering).

    Turn the clock back and I’d have had Instagram go to Apple.

    December 14, 2018

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