As Apple rose, funds dumped

According to Whale Wisdom, 1,481 funds either reduced or closed their Apple position in calendar Q3 2018.

Here’s how Apple’s shares performed in calendar Q3:

funds dumped apple

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Here, from 10,000 feet, is what the funds did in calendar Q3 (from SEC Forms `13f): 

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What have the funds been doing during this quarter’s Apple sell-off? We won’t find out until February 15, 2019, 45 days after the quarter’s end.

My take: These fund managers risk becoming a contrary indicator for Apple. For a year of trading by the top 20 funds, see Apple giants: Who bought, who sold last quarter

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story had a math error. 1,481 is the correct total for funds that reduced or closed their Apple position in Q3.


  1. Turley Muller said:

    And there we have it. Smart money becomes the dumb money. These guys so focused on hugging a benchmark or mean peer performance they seemingly set themselves up to get whipsawed in the smart(dumb) money crowded herd trades.

    November 15, 2018

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