In New York City for Streaming Summit and Steely Dan

The National Association of Broadcasters is for work, Steely Dan is for fun.

Apple doesn’t have an official presence at the NAB’s “Streaming Summit,” but it has a stick in the fire and I’m betting its presence will be felt. Robert De Niro and Martha Raddatz are the keynotes.

If you find yourself at the Javits Center today or the Beacon Theater tonight, look for a guy with a backpack and a beret.

Below: NAB NYC 2018 before doors open.

NAB steely dan

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From NAB: Caught Jeremy Helfand, Hulu ad platforms VP, after a fireside chat where he called advertising a “strategic imperative.” He didn’t think much of a strategy where Apple makes Reese Witherspoon’s TV series available only on Apple devices. Others have tried, he said, all have failed. How about making some shows free on Apple devices, otherwise paid. “That sounds like a good strategy,” he said.


In his opening remarks, De Niro talked about his favorite Amendment—the First. He broke the ice with an inside joke:

I’m here to say it’s time to put social responsibility ahead of making a profit… [pause]

I’m just fucking with you!

[big laugh from New York crowd]

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  1. Scott Davis said:

    Wow, PED, I’m down right jealous! Steely Dan at the Beacon! I saw them on tour this summer for about the fifth time and they were as good as ever. I didn’t know what they’d be like after Walter Becker’s passing, but Donald Fagen & the band were as tight as ever. Enjoy!
    – Dr. Scott

    October 17, 2018

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