What Ming-Chi Kuo said about Apple’s carworks

Autonomous vehicles rolling off the assembly line five to seven years from now, driving Apple to its second trillion.

As quoted verbatim in MacRumors:

We expect that Apple Car, which will likely be launched in 2023–2025, will be the next star product. The reasons for this are as follows: (1) Potentially huge replacement demands are emerging in the auto sector because it is being redefined by new technologies. The case is the same as the smartphone sector 10 years ago; (2) Apple’s leading technology advantages (e.g. AR) would redefine cars and differentiate Apple Car from peers’ products; (3) Apple’s service will grow significantly by entering the huge car finance market via Apple Car, and (4) Apple can do a better integration of hardware, software, and service than current competitors in the consumer electronics sector and potential competitors in the auto sector.

My take: Nothing here to disagree with. Nothing much new, either. Ming-Chi Kuo’s reputation is a mystery to me. But I wish he’d add me to his distribution list.

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  1. Ken Cheng said:

    Just in time to replace my Model 3.

    August 16, 2018
  2. Somehow I don’t see a car in Apple’s future. Now if Apple were hoarding its cash maybe, but not with a goal of becoming cas neutral.

    Manufacturing a car is going to be cash intensive. Just look at the cash Tesla has run through getting its manufacturing up and running. Going cash neutral and manufacturing a new car are mutually exclusive.

    August 16, 2018
    • Peter Kropf said:

      “Going cash neutral and manufacturing a new car are mutually exclusive.”

      One huge saving and advantage Apple has is that it appears to be ALREADY committed to required synergies in Mapping, AI, AR, Security, and Privacy.

      As far as who will build the car(hw), I believe Apple will have a Foxconn type supplier relationship with two builders (Foxconn, with another to be named.).

      August 16, 2018

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