iPhone shipments in India fell 50% last quarter, but that’s OK says Canalys

From Samsung and Xiaomi each ship record-high 10 million smartphones to India in Q2 2018:

“Volume is not the only strategy in India,” said Canalys Research Manager Rushabh Doshi. “Samsung and Xiaomi often distract from the opportunities that India has to offer smaller and leaner smartphone vendors looking for additional business opportunities. The climate is right for businesses to realign and re-enter the market. Apple’s iPhone shipments to India fell by about 50% in Q2 2018. But Apple’s paring back of distributor partners and move to a ‘brand-first, volume-next’ strategy will reap rewards as it will ensure better margin per device. Getting priorities right will be important to smartphone vendors, and it will be a choice between profitability and volume growth.”

My take: If it’s a choice between profitability and volume growth, I think we know what Apple will do.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    Philip, Is it possible to create a perpetual thread where subscribers only can post their thoughts on AAPL price targets and trading strategies? Thanks.

    Who knows, periodic articles about the success (or lack thereof) emanating from this thread might encourage more subscriptions.

    July 19, 2018
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      In the meantime, AAPL is trading lockstep with its Historic Trend and looks highly likely to Close above my max profitability target of $190. If you’ll remember, on June 25, with the Historic Trend indicating an intraday low of $190 on July 20 I bought 220 JUL $187.50 – $190 Call Spreads at an average of 79.6¢ (including fees). Tomorrow (July 20), excluding the unexpected, those contracts will pay off with a ~210% profit.

      Next week the Historic Trend is indicating a Thursday (July 26) intraday low of $188. I don’t like to trade short-term trends but may invest a small amount ($5000) in JUL Wk 4 $190 – $192.50 Put Spreads at 75¢, expecting a 150% ROI (selling prematurely on Thursday vs Friday options expiry).

      I won’t enter into this trade unless AAPL hits an intraday high greater than $193 on Monday.

      July 19, 2018

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