AppleInsider’s iPhone crime blotter: More like this, please!

From Armed robbery at Boston Apple Store, 69 phones stolen from festival, and more…

From Mike on Twitter: I’ve been tracking my dads stolen iPhone all over STL for the past 30 minutes and it’s gettin pretty exciting folks. (Video clip here.)

Find My iPhone and iCloud solve a theft: In other Find My iPhone news, the feature led to the recovery of an iPod in Canada last month. According to Global News, an iPod was stolen from a car. But soon after, the iPod’s owner began receiving photos, taken by the thief, on their iPhone. A Find My iPhone search discovered the location, and police arrested the man, charging him with possession of stolen property obtained by crime under $5,000 and failure to comply with a probation order.

iPhone X smuggled out in pants: Police in Hollywood, Fla., are looking for a man who they say stole an iPhone X from a safe at a Cricket Wireless store. According to Local 10 the man had asked to use the bathroom in the back of the store, grabbed the iPhone from an unlocked safe, and snuck it out of the store in his pants. The man was caught on security cameras.

25 iPhones in three days taken from Norwegian bar: A bar in Oslo, Norway, appears to have emerged as the unofficial iPhone theft capital of Scandinavia. According to Norwegian website The Local, two men stole 25 phones from customers at the bar over the course of three days, mostly taking them from guests’ pockets and bags.

69 phones stolen from music festival. 69 cell phones were stolen from attendees of the Shaky Beats Music Festival in Atlanta, but were later tracked to an area FedEx store. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a woman whose phone was stolen used the Find My iPhone feature to track her phone to the store, where it was found, along with the 68 others, in a pair of boxes.

My take: I can’t get enough of this stuff.

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