Poll: Is Facebook or Apple doing more harm than good?

Three months before the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations, 59% of respondents saw the writing on the wall.

Drawn from the responses of 4,217 U.S. adults to a poll conducted by CB Insights in December 2017: 

facebook more harm than good

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My take: Apple ducked this bullet. But so did Google.


  1. Tommo_UK said:
    Google will be next after FB, once the inevitable investigations begin and Amazon swiftly thereafter. Apple may be called to account for itself but should pull through with relatively flying colours compared with the abhorrent practices of FB, Google and Amazon.
    Unfortunately with the weighting those three other stocks (and then there’s Netflix which would just get slaughtered because of its PE in a down market) have, any sharp pullback from here will snowball as sales of the so called FANG stocks pull the rug out from the overvalued market, sending the indices plummeting and selling begetting more sellling thanks to derivatives.

    Anyone noticed how Deutsche Bank is now being mentioned almost daily on CNBC now? The elephant in the room, technically bankrupt, underwrites 27 Trillion in derivatives. With liquidity drying up and Merkel on record saying she will not sanction a bail-out of DB (this a few years ago when the bank almost went under after losing 90% of its share price), if DB goes, the whole global banking system will collapse overnight.

    Apple might want to considers getting rid of its US treasury bonds and buying a few good gold mines instead, where the “store of value`’ Is without question, and the good stuff can stay in the ground and out of reach of Uncle Sam if the US defaults.

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    March 24, 2018

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