Apple is doomed, says reporter from the burger beat

There are no new stories. Only new reporters.

Friend-of-the-blog Tommo_UK, perhaps mistaking me for the Macalope, sent me a link to a collection of Twitter posts on Business Insider that started like this:

Shoppers are complaining that Apple Stores have become a ‘hell on earth’ like the DMV — and it’s a growing crisis for the tech giant

  • Customers can’t stop complaining about Apple Stores.
  • Long wait times, overcrowding, and awkward customer-service interactions are turning shoppers against Apple.
  • Apple is redesigning stores as customers compare current locations to the dreaded DMV.

You’re not going to catch me defending overcrowded, understaffed Apple Stores. That’s Angela Ahrendts’ job. But because I know for a fact that customers CAN stop complaining about Apple Stores—I’ve seen them do it—I took a look at the byline on top of the piece.

According to her Business Insider bio, Kate Taylor is a retail reporter who had previously covered food and franchises for Entrepreneur. Her pieces for Business Insider include:

  • Taco Bell’s newest menu item beat out Doritos Locos Tacos to become the most successful launch in the chain’s history — here’s the secret to its success
  • Coca-Cola wants to dominate a $7 billion industry with a new type of beverage that’s taking over the world
  • Wendy’s is slamming McDonald’s as a new weapon emerges in the fast-food wars — and it’s clear whose burger is better

As near as I can tell, this is her first story about Apple.

My take: I did a Twitter search for “Apple Store and DMV” and found all the juicy quotes in Kate Tayor’s piece—plus tons more just like them. Hey, here’s an idea for BI’s retail reporter: Do search for “McDonald’s and obesity” and see where that gets you.


  1. Tommo_UK said:
    People are quick to complain when they’ve had it so good for so long and take personal service for granted. Yes, as a result, Apple Stores – especially the major ones – can seem unbearably packed and busy sometime.

    What always amuses me is that if you want your repair done quicker, just go to an Apple authorised repair centre where appointments are available, well, pretty much immediately though it can involve having to leave your precious iDevice or Mac with them overnight for repair. All AppleCare warranties are honoured and complied with.

    To people who complain they can’t just pop in at a moment’s notice and get an instant repair, at an Apple Store, often for free, I’d ask who else offers anything approaching this level of customer service?

    Unfortunately, we’ve all become rather spoiled rotten by Apple’s commitment to servicing our every needs and now moan when we can’t get a repair done on the spot.

    With almost any other company you care to mention, you’d have to send off your product for repair for a week or two. Not with Apple.

    So next time Ms MacBurger needs her iPhone repaired in a hurry and doesn’t want to visit the “DMV” I suggest she just goes to an authorised repair facility or makes an appointment with the Genius Bar if she really, really, feels she has to go to an actual Apple Store.

    In the meantime after all that food porn reporting PED uncovered I’m now craving a burger. And my diet was going so well too! Fortunately Uber eats delivers, or I’d find myself at some burger joint waiting in a line to be served. Will Kate Taylor’s next hit piece compare waiting times at Burger King with the DMV I wonder? She seems to be competent to write about burgers and driving licences, at least.

    March 14, 2018
  2. David Emery said:
    Well, my experience with Apple Stores is very much “mixed.” The Genius Bar depends on the competence and attitude of the individual you work with. Some have been very good. Others have been condescending and arrogant. (I may be over 60, but I’ve been using personal computers for more than 40 of those years, and Macs for more than 30.) I was thrown out of the store once when one of those so-called Geniuses told me “Our software is always right.” Wife went back the next day, and a new ‘Genius’ admitted there was a problem with the battery and got her a replacement phone.

    The buying experience at times feels mechanical (e.g. when I picked up my iPhone 8) rather than personal. It was a series of handoffs, and once again my expertise (this was my 5th iPhone, if I’m counting correctly) was ignored, (Apple should know better than I do how many I’ve owned, and whether I need hand-holding or just a simple “here’s what has changed” summary.)

    On the other hand, early in the Apple Store days, I had a MB Pro crash while on a business trip. I dropped it off at the Newport Beach CA store late Thursday, and picked it up the following Tuesday morning at my local Tyson Corner VA store. Try that with a Dell, dude!

    March 14, 2018
  3. Ken Cheng said:
    Apple Store Customer Service is the responsibility of Angela Ahrendts.

    March 14, 2018
  4. Fred Stein said:
    Direct quote from the article: “The store was packed with people.”

    No need to say more, but….

    I’ve gone Apple’s Valley Fair store in Santa Clara a few times this year, Yup, busy. Right across is a MSFT store – very quiet. Ditto Sony. In fact, most stores in that mall had more staff than customers. Some had no customers.

    Being honest, the battery issue is a problem. Not a good customer experience. No surprise tweeters complain.

    March 14, 2018
  5. Gregg Thurman said:
    The AI article sounds suspiciously like previous articles. You the articles I’m referring to, “Apple is doomed, it’s stores are so busy you can’t get service”.

    This is just another article by someone with a talent to spit out 500 words on command, about a subject she has no knowledge of and no desire to gain any.

    It just proves that it’s easier to write a factually flawed hit piece than it is to research the issue, compare service against competitors, talk to actual customesr (asking why they “put up” with such bad service).

    That AI would task a food editor to write a tech article reinforces that the problem starts at the top. Isn’t one of the AI founders the disgraced (banned for life by SEC) IPO analyst for writing bogus IPO recommendations. Sorry I can’t remember his name (it’s not worth knowing).

    March 14, 2018

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