Apple at SXSW: Eddy Cue’s ‘excellent track record’

From Monday’s SXSW Schedule:

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, sits down with CNN’s Dylan Byers for a wide-ranging discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing the world of media and entertainment, and why curation matters…

Eddy’s team has an excellent track record of building and strengthening online services to meet and exceed the high expectations of Apple’s customers…

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My take: Important caveat.

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  1. Tommo_UK said:

    I’ve looked through Apple’s job postings and they’re recruiting masses of engineeere at all levels of seniority for Siri. I’m expecting a huge evolutionary step forward, whether this summer or fall, or even next year.
    Siri was left to rot. She’s seems to be getting her own personal concierge team assembled for her as we speak. So results 6-9 months down the line are a given.
    In the meantime, it’ll be evolution not revolution in time for WWDC.

    March 12, 2018
  2. Richard Wanderman said:

    It seems to me that services under Cue’s control are a mess. I experience this mess often.

    iTunes is a mess of an application
    iCloud still has weakness. Sometimes it doesn’t work
    iBooks (Books) hasn’t been updated in a long time and is long in the tooth compared with the Kindle app on the iPad
    I’m not sure that tossing a huge amount of money at video content that may or may not be popular is such a great investment (see Jason Blum’s re-code interview).
    The single sign-in promise on the new Apple TV hasn’t worked for me (or for others I know).

    All of these things are easily fixable. It feels like there is neglect of actual usability of the things under Cue’s control.

    March 12, 2018
  3. Fred Stein said:

    I hope Tim Cook is working to remove or sideline Eddy Cue. Harsh, but overdue. They’ve already moved Siri to Craig who can handle what is the most important new UI, spoken, and written language.They’ve higher two talented former Sony executives.

    Agree with Richard Wanderman’s points.

    March 12, 2018

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