The French love Apple. The French hate Apple. (3 videos)

Score one for hate, as the High Court of Paris sides with anti-Apple protestors.

The French love Apple—at least the ones who can afford Apple’s products. They flash their iPhones and Apple Watches and queue up for the latest models at some of Apple’s most elegant retail palaces—L’Opera, Carrousel de Louvre and Marché St. Germain.

The French also hate that Apple doesn’t pay its fair share of French taxes, and they love to demonstrate their disapproval—as several dozen did by forcibly occupying the L’Opera Apple Store for three hours last December.

In January, Apple filed a lawsuit against the occupiers—the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and Citizen’s Action (ATTAC). Apple wanted 3,000 euros ($3,600) in damages, a court order barring further ATTAC occupations and a 150,000 euro fine if they ever did it again.

On Friday, the High Court of Paris denied Apple’s injunction, rejected its claims of damages and ordered the company to pay ATTAC 2,000 euros in legal fees. The French take their right to protest—and their taxes—seriously.

Below: A brief video clip of ATTAC rushing the L’Opera store and a longer video report with signs, speeches and a conga line.

The footage above is courtesy of Clement Lanot, a videographer whose Twitter feed of protests, police actions and traffic jams leaves the impression that Paris is teetering on edge of chaos. Interestingly, the only site that gave the anti-Apple protests more YouTube airtime was Ruptly, owned and operated by RT (Russia Today).


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