Former Apple analyst Brian White has written a thriller

From the press release:

Today, “Celebrity” Wall Street Analyst and “Renowned Apple Bull”, Brian White, announced plans to unveil his inaugural novel in the second-half of 2018. This technology thriller is expected to be the first of many works he has planned for release in the coming years.

Known for his bold calls and innovative research, Mr. White has appeared in approximately 500 television interviews during this time, including CNBC, CNBC Asia, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News and China-based CCTV. Business Insider listed Mr. White as #4 on the list of “Apple Influencers, 15 Analysts and Writers You Should Be Following” and was eventually ranked as a Top 25 Analyst on Wall Street by Tipranks. Moreover, Mr. White was a member of the Institutional Investor #1 ranked EMS and Global Hardware team while at Merrill Lynch.

My take: I don’t know about Merrill Lynch, but in my day White has covered Apple for Topeka Capital, Cantor Fitzgerald and Drexel Hamilton, usually—if not always—with a TV-ready street-high price target. He leaves the Apple beat with shares trading for $155.15, nearly $80 below his last posted target of $235.


  1. Doug Montgomery said:
    PED – If Brian is off the beat can now – can you reveal if he is the Analyst “name withheld by request” in your Earning’s pool or is he the “Analyst that shalt not be named” that you have periodically referred to?

    February 8, 2018
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Is $235 so high? It’s 18X FY19 earnings.

    February 9, 2018
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      Today’s intraday low was $32 below where I thought AAPL would be today. As I trade options that hurt. All because of a worldwide “correction”.

      I don’t know about the other equities in all those indexes, but AAPL looks like a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      On a side note: after earnings I calculated new Revenue and EPS estimates (down) for A pop-up declared that my estimates were outside their parameters and would not be included in the estimize consensus. Today WS’s consensus dropped to below my estimate. I guess now my estimates are too high.

      February 9, 2018
  3. Martin Beutling said:
    As far as I remember, Brian White was the first one who came out with a (split adjusted) price target of 1000$.

    Even with the large selloff we had to witness the last weeks, AAPL would stand at 1088$.

    So, I don’t know what triggered your skepticism against BW, what he always believed in AAPL and he wasn’t wrong,

    February 9, 2018
    • I WAS skeptical of White. I thought his price targets were set more to get him on CNBC than for Apple to actually reach in a year. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Apple hit any one his market-high price targets within 12 months of its posting.

      But don’t get me wrong. I would have happily covered him by name if he hadn’t asked me not. Here’s an e-mail he sent me in September 2016: “I had better not see my name mentioned in your work because I have found it to be factually inaccurate over the years. Moreover, you are not on my email distribution list and thus any of my reports that you are receiving and using have been inappropriately obtained and used by you.”

      Now that he’s written a book, I’m back on his media mailing list!

      February 9, 2018
      • Fred Stein said:
        I agree. Brian used price target to get attention. I think everyone was in on the con. When he spoke, though, his case was well reasoned. He mainly reiterate that Apple has long term strength. Market, skepticism keeps AAPL discounted by at least 10% forever. So his targets seem so far off.

        By contrast, there are hundreds out there using a negative Apple story just to get attention. Most of their narratives are simplistic, out-of-date, or deliberately manipulative.

        February 9, 2018
  4. Martin Beutling said:
    “…but I don’t believe Apple hit any one his market-high price targets within 12 months of its posting”…isn’t that always the case?

    But it is interesting to finally know the reason for you not mentioning him by name….and understandable.

    February 9, 2018
  5. David Drinkwater said:
    A science fiction fantasy set approximately 60 months in the future.

    Reality in setting price targets is 12 months. Although the numbers may be reached “some day”, that is not what the market expects a “price target” to mean.

    February 9, 2018
  6. Jonathan Mackenzie said:
    “This technology thriller is expected to be the first of many works he has planned for release”

    If his books are anything like the press release he likely penned himself, then I will pass.

    You could say the thriller is expected to be the first of many works or you could say it is the first of many works he has planned. But to say that the thriller is expected to be the first of many works he has planned is actually nonsense. My suspicion is the book will be as over the top and as poorly written as this promotional blurb.

    February 9, 2018
  7. Marco Gilet said:
    So…now that AAPL is closing in on $300, Mr. Brian White apparently knew his Apple stuff very well.

    December 26, 2019

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