WSJ declares iPhone X customer reception ‘lukewarm’

Given the choice of two expert opinions, Tripp Mickle leads with the downer.

From the seventh paragraph:

The iPhone X, which hit stores on Nov. 3, accounted for an estimated 30% of iPhone sales in its first month as customers opted for lower-priced models or couldn’t find it in stock, according to Mike Levin, co-founder of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners… “It’s a little disappointing given the hype,” Mr. Levin said.

Seven paragraphs later…

As of early December, the iPhone X accounted for 4% of all iPhone models in use globally, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus accounted for​ 6.3%, estimates Localytics, which analyzes apps across 2.7 billion devices and can detect which models are being used… Localytics co-founder Raj Aggarwal said the iPhone X ​performed better than he expected given its premium price. “It’s an awesome start, and you haven’t hit Christmas yet,” he said. [Emphasis mine.]

My take: Mickle strikes me a glass-half-empty kind of guy. He interviewed two iPhone X buyers and led with the guy who returned his. “I just felt very underwhelmed.,” said Ifé Meedolson, an Apple loyalist.

The story is in Saturday’s paper.


  1. Fred Stein said:
    I read Tripp’s kitchen sink attempt. Not worthy.

    Apple will report a record breaking quarter. Besides the 8, 8+ and X combo, the Watch and AirPod will set records (but we can only guess) And they’ve got plenty of gas in the tank.

    December 22, 2017
  2. Jonny Tilney said:
    Eyeballs to advertisers is what pays his wages. The amount of old rollocks being talked on the net at the moment seems to be at an all time high.

    I want to read an old fashioned book by my fire. Happy Christmas PED and your amazing commenters.

    December 23, 2017
  3. John Kirk said:
    The iPhone X is not just the future of Apple, it’s FaceID feature is the future mobile computing and computing in general. And the vast majority of buyer’s love it.

    If the Wall Stree journal wants to provide another quote I can use to point out how very stupid pundits can sometimes be, well, that’s their prerogative.

    December 24, 2017

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