Amazon Prime has come to Apple TV. What took so long.

What Apple announced in June it delivered in December. Here’s why.

From The Truth about Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, submitted to Reddit two months ago.

AmazonVideoEngineer: Wanted to make this throwaway account after yesterday’s debacle. I saw many people get upset so I wanted to issue this warning: do not expect Amazon to launch before October 26th. The app is done, and has been done for months already. However there are a lot of politics going on beyond my pay grade that are pushing the launch back. And just to clarify, October 26 is the earliest I would expect it. Launch could be pushed well into November.

shapeshiftingrobot: My big question is why bother announcing it so soon if it was months from release? Every day/week it’s not released is a disappointment in Amazon and anecdotally, seems like people are killing their Prime accounts.

AmazonVideoEngineer: I don’t blame you for being frustrated. It’s frustrating having finished a project and to have it sit collecting dust, as well. I can’t say I know why it’s being dragged out. The initial concerns were over two issues: Apple’s cut of Amazon’s subscription revenue, and Apple’s access to analytics. Negotiations went on for, and I’m not joking, over a year and escalated to the point where Apple’s head of TV was meeting face-to-face with Bezos on multiple occasions. But those concerns were worked out months ago, and I have to assume it’s for some marketing reason.

My take: If AmazonVideoEngineer is right—and he or she has been right so far—we should expect a big marketing push any day now. What I can’t figure out is who is going to push the new service harder, Apple or Amazon?

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