CNBC Poll: 64% of U.S. households have at least one Apple product

The average is closer to three.

From CNBC:

Hold the pie. A survey now supports changing the phrase to just “as American as Apple.”

The CNBC All-America Economic Survey finds that 64 percent of Americans now own an Apple product, up from 50 percent when the question was last asked five years ago. The average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products, up by a full Apple product from the 2012 survey…

The product is ubiquitous by income group, age, race, sex and region of the country — more than half of nearly all demographic groups report owning at least one Apple product. The household ownership rate is below 50 percent for only a few groups, including those with incomes under $30,000, retirees and women over age 50. By contrast, 87 percent of American with incomes over $100,000 report owning at least one Apple product.

While ownership is widespread, there are big differences in the number of products owned. The wealthiest Americans own 4.7 products per household compared with just one for the poorest. Americans in the West own 3.7, compared with 2.2 in the South.

In the CNBC video below, things were about to get interesting when the discussion degenerated into a gripe session about cables and adaptors.

My take: Because Apple owners tend to come back for more, growth doesn’t have to stop when the iPhone market is saturated. See my personal inventory, below.

In daily use:
iPhone 7
MacBook Air
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple TV
iPad Mini

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case
Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock
A half-dozen EarPods, with and without Lightning connector
A drawerful of assorted dongles, docks, adaptors and cords

Retired (but still working):
MacBook Pro (2009)
iPod (2003)
Macintosh Plus (1986)


  1. Alex Harris said:
    Apple isn’t a provider of products, it’s an ecosystem provider. And if you count the paid services, the number is probably much higher. Apple Music, iCloud paid tiers, iTunes and App Stores. (“It’s the ecosystem, stupid”).

    October 15, 2017
  2. Fred Stein said:
    The five year view debunks the ‘no growth’ trope. This quote, “The average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products, up by a full Apple product from the 2012 survey” indicates 60% growth in five years.

    October 15, 2017
  3. Richard Wanderman said:
    In daily use:
    iPhone 8 x 2
    MacBook Pro x 2
    Mac Pro
    AirPort Extreme
    Apple TV
    iPad Pro x 2

    Apple magic keyboard with numeric keypad
    Magic Mouse

    iCloud 2TB

    October 16, 2017

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