Scott Galloway: Apple is a dick

Think of the iPhone X as a tool for procreation, says the author of The Four.

NYU Prof. Scott Galloway is on a publicity tour for his new book, The Four, giving  interviewers a chance to drag out this 3-year-old PowerPoint slide. Here, for example, are 3.5 minutes of Galloway on Barron’s Video:

I’m halfway through the Audible version of The Four, narrated by Jonathan Todd Ross, and I’m missing Galloway’s rapid-fire bravado. For a 15-minute dose of the hard stuff, I recommend his 2015 appearance at the Digital-Life-Design conference:

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story, posted too hastily for my dog’s sake, misspelled Prof. Galloway’s name. Repeatedly. The error persists in the item’s URL.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:

    I’ve been a Galloway disciple since this video first appeared.

    His theories aren’t necessarily original as others have espoused concepts that support his beliefs.

    I’m referring to two such supporting theories in particular. The first is the Veldon effect (first published about 120 years ago). The second is a pricing concept taught at most business schools called Decoy Pricing

    Both are must reads to fully comprehend Apple’s success and future.

    Apple’s hiring of Angela Ahrendts and Sales/Marketing VPs from the Swiss watch industry and French fashion design houses are meant to address Galloway’s brain/heart/penis purchasing motivators.

    Bottom line Apple will never compete with low end handsets, there is no need and it would destroy the brand that dominates the high end, and by extension profits (example of trying to compete in high end and low end markets, and failing at both: Samsung).

    The point is that unit market share is irrelevant to success if your brand is aspirational. iPhone unit growth is driven by switchers desiring the aspirational.

    October 12, 2017

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