How Apple spent $5 billion

$500 million for the Spaceship. $180 million for the Steve Jobs Theater. $15 million for the photovoltaic donut.

Sasha Davis’ estimates for BuildZoom were derived from the site’s  Open Building Permit Repository:

Click to enlarge. Lots more detail here.

My take: These estimates are minimums. I suspect the final cost will turn out to be considerably more than $5 billion.

Fun fact: According to the World Atlas, Apple Campus 2 is the world’s 4th most expensive building. No. 1 is Mecca’s Abraj Al Bait (below) at $15 billion.

Abraj Al Bait


  1. Ken Cheng said:

    Too bad the list isn’t inflation-adjusted.

    Also, the PV on the parking garage works out to 63cents/kW. 340kW panels at $214 each.

    October 4, 2017

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