Apple AI: Publish or perish?

Counting published papers is a terrible way to measure progress in machine learning and AI, especially at a place like Apple.

From Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal:

The technology giant this year has been trying to draw attention—but only so much—to its efforts to develop artificial intelligence, or AI, a term that generally describes software that enables computers to learn and improve functions on their own.

Apple launched a public blog in July to talk about its work, for example, and has allowed its researchers to speak at several conferences on artificial intelligence, including a TED Talk in April by Tom Gruber, co-creator of Apple’s Siri voice assistant, that was posted on YouTube last month.

Talking up transparency is unusual for a company whose chief executive, Tim Cook, once joked that it is more secretive than the Central Intelligence Agency.

My take: Do private sector AI researchers even read academic papers? This study suggests otherwise.

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