Jim Cramer: Apple matters more to Wall Street than Houston

Sad but true.

From Monday's Mad Money:

If you want to talk about the themes that dominated today's session before this North Korean missile, Harvey's just not one of them. Instead, we got some very specific data points that colored the action, the biggest word being that Apple may be launching its new iPhone as soon as September 12. That's much earlier than Wall Street had expected.

Below: Brief video clip. More here from Cramer about the ripple effect on other stocks.

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  1. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    The impact of Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains in the aftermath of the storm are both a natural disaster and unfolding tragedy. Unfortunately, there are so many elements of this natural event that are outside human control. What the storm and its aftermath may cost in human lives and devastation are yet to be known.

    The first and only real priority at this time is saving and preserving human life. The numbers and statistics will certainly come later. But right now numbers don’t matter. Statistics don’t matter. It’s an overwhelming climactic event as we hold our collective breath and pray for all those in the storm’s path and the path of the fast-moving water that is destroying lives, homes and just about everything in its path.

    Whether Apple announces new iPhones on September 12th or some other date really isn’t important. It’s just a fact, a date, something we can actually know while so much is unknown about the events in Texas.

    August 29, 2017

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