Conservative LA street artist taps Apple to mock Google

“Someone in Venice is not happy about Google’s firing of that memo guy. These are all over Santa Monica and Venice.” —@AlexRubalcava

Posted Friday on Breitbart News:

Right-wing street artist Sabo has posted anti-Google advertisements outside the company’s offices in Los Angeles following the firing of former employee James Damore.

One advert, plastered on a bench, featured a modified Google logo that read “Goolag,” and had a fake search bar below that said, “Search for diversity of thought somewhere else.”

Other posters featured the iconic “think different” image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs juxtaposed against an image of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the label “not so much.”

Street artist Sabo quickly took credit for the work, making a series of anti-Google tweets to accompany the posters.

UPDATE: See Buzzfeed on how the pro-Trump media machine turned Damore overnight into a hero of the alt-right. “This Is just like GamerGate,” says Milo Yiannopoulos.


Below: A sample of Sabo’s past and present work from Conspiracy Boulder (not safe for office viewing and best seen with sound turned way down).


  1. Sandro Castellaro said:

    Philip your unrelenting “progressive” leanings are laid bare for all to see…unfortunately even the NYT (albeit an Opinion piece by David Brooks) called for Pichai’s resignation

    August 12, 2017
    • The “yuk” was for Milo and GamerGate.

      I thought Brooks’ take was pretty smart:

      “What we have is a legitimate tension. Damore is describing a truth on one level; his sensible critics are describing a different truth, one that exists on another level. He is championing scientific research; they are championing gender equality. It takes a little subtlety to harmonize these strands, but it’s doable.”

      August 12, 2017
      • David Emery said:

        Too often what we see in these discussions is each side starts with a different (and often contradictory) set of assumptions. Then they look at the other side and say, “My reasoning is valid, therefore the other guy’s reasoning must be faulty or even deliberately false.”

        Having worked for both male and female bosses, I have observed differences. Sometimes those differences helped, sometimes they didn’t. I remember one female boss who had an apparent aversion to directly telling people what to do. She’d throw out a problem, ask for ideas, and when someone came up with the idea she had already decided upon, she’d pounce on it. She was very unhappy when I once asked her, “Are you asking me or telling me? If you’re asking me, the answer is ‘no.’ If you’re telling me, the answer is ‘Yes, Ma’am.’ ” And her approach was actually consistent with what Deborah Tannen captured in “You Just Don’t Understand” (I strongly recommend this book to people of any gender: )

        August 13, 2017
  2. Richard Wanderman said:

    I like the Sabo “Think Different” poster and I too liked David Brooks’ take on the entire issue.

    I read Damore’s memo and while I think it was chock full of pseudo science, it was well written and didn’t seem as inflammatory as Google and others have made it seem.

    What bothers me most about all of this is that Google’s stance on this leaves no room for discussion. Danelle Brown, Google’s new diversity officer who no doubt was part of the decision to let Damore go stated: “It advanced incorrect assumptions about gender.”

    So, in the future, no Google memo should advance any incorrect assumptions?

    Or, in the future, no Google memo should advance assumptions about gender that Google doesn’t agree with.

    I’m no alt-right type but turning Damore into a martyr and allowing the alt-right to adopt him by not acknowledging that gender issues are worth discussing paints progressives (if that’s what the other side of this is called) into a very tough corner.

    The other thing that I resent is that if I come down on Damore’s side or against Google I’m a traitor. This is not a binary issue, it’s nuanced and worth discussion.

    August 13, 2017

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